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Update 12/13/08: Sections E through H have been added to the fanfiction section.

If you've come to this site, you're probably looking for the fanfiction archive "A Sailor Moon Romance."

In September of 2007, the long-running website went offline. Investigation revealed there had been another server crash, and with declining activity and rising costs, the administrators decided not to restore the site. When I contacted them and stressed the value of the fanfiction library, which contained over a decade of Sailormoon fandom history, they agreed to transfer the story files to me so the library could be restored. The domain name was given to me for that purpose.

After a while, however, the former admins stopped responding to my messages. I was never sent any backups of the site. After several months of waiting, I resorted to gathering up whatever independent backups I could find and reorganizing them by hand. It's slow work, and will probably take me quite a while longer to complete, but it's better than letting it all disappear forever. I still have hope that I will eventually be given a complete backup of ASMR, but in the meantime, I'm doing all I can.

What is here now is an archive of all the stories I've managed to restore so far. You can find them in the fanfiction section. The recovery process is still ongoing, and more stories will be added as I collect them. Most of what I've found are fanfics from the fandom's early years, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. I'm pleased to provide a continuing home for these and anything else I'm able to recover.

The site's new design comes from a desire to develop into a monument to the fandom itself. The Sailormoon fandom is no longer what it was, and I think it's important to preserve some memory of its glory days for as long as possible. Sailormoon was, for a lot of people, their introduction to anime, fandom, and the online community. It's meant many things to many people, even if they've moved on to other pursuits.

In the essays section, you'll find memoirs I've collected from various current and former members of the fandom. I hope you'll enjoy sharing their memories of Sailormoon as much as I do.

Dejana Talis
August 2008